The Big Move…

The first big job in the garden was to move the greenhouse from its currently position under a massive oak tree. My father in Law started to lay the concrete foundations in September 2014 ready for the greenhouse to be moved the following year.


Fast forward to March 2015, glass panels removed, cleaned and sorted away. To save money we reused the old brick foundations to increate the high of the greenhouse. Whilst at work my father-in-law kindly laid the bricks on top of the concrete base to give the greenhouse extra height.

Once this stage was complete we then fixed the greenhouse onto it new base and laid paving slabs inside. I sourced a second hand staging table from eBay and bought a potting bench and it was ready to use!

Last year was my first proper year of growing. We grow 10 tomato plants & a beautiful Butternut Squash and not forgetting the super sweet strawberry plants which the squirrel tried to steal!  I did plan on growing Melons but I forgot to water the seedling!

The plans for this year it to lay paving slabs around the greenhouse and create a path leading to the greenhouse. Two raised beds either side of the greenhouse and a metal arch in front of the beds.

I can’t wait for the warmer weather to get outside and get my hands dirty.