Greenhouse Protection….

Last year was the first year we added protection to the greenhouse. ⁣

In the height of summer the greenhouse is in full sun from early morning until around 3pm. This means the greenhouse gets super hot! (sometimes too hot to stand in there whilst I water the plants). Even with the door open and both windows open it can be unbearable some days. Although tomatoes love the hot weather, their poor leaves were getting scorched

We therefore decided to buy some scaffolding mesh to make some shading. We attached it onto the metal frame work of the greenhouse using stretchy net wire on the top and bottom of the frame. The ends of the mesh were secured to the side of the frame using greenhouse clips. ⁣

The mesh was removed around September time, once temperatures had come down and it was no longer needed.

I was a little worried the mesh would lower our overall yields if the plants weren’t getting as much sun, but I can’t say I noticed any difference and the plants seemed a lot happier, with less wilted leaves.

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