July on the plot..

It’s that time of the month again where I show you guys how well the allotment garden is doing since last month. ⁣

I wasn’t sure if much had changed since June but boy I was wrong. The Sweetcorn has double in size and shouldn’t be long before we are enjoying them on the BBQ on a warm sunny evening.

The runner beans frame is looking amazing. The plants have already reached the very top of the frame. Plenty of beautiful orange flowers so fingers crossed it shouldnt be long before we see those lush green bean growing. The potatoes seem to be taking over the plot too. I think they are just around ready to harvest.

We’ve already harvested plenty of radish, salad and strawberries. We don’t really get much of a look in when it comes to the strawberries as soon as the girls noticed they have turned red they quickly eat them!

I’ve also noticed two of the gladioli bulbs I plants at the end of April should be flowering soon. ⁣

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday sadly I think it’s pretty much going to rain here all day!

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