Runner Bean Frame…

No garden would be complete without runner beans. I’ve never personally tried them but always happy to grow them for others, maybe i’ll eventually try them. This year my Mum asked me to grow some, so back in April I sowed 8 seeds with my daughter Freya which we started off in a propegater then moved on into the greenhouse.

I’ve since learned that I might have sown them a little too early, so just on the safe side I’ve sown a few more in case anything happens to the first ones.

Due the Coronavirus lockdown we’ve been spending all our free time in the gadren and its really starting to take shape. We decided to plan out the vegetable area on the computer. My husband Chris was looking online for information on runner bean spacing and came across a website with instructions on how to make a wooden bean frame. The instructions looked pretty simple to follow so we decided to give it a go and ordered few lengths of timber.

Our timber arrived the very next day so I gave the wood a couple of coats of paint. The colour we went for was Cuprinol Willow, I think it gives the frame a more professional look. As soon as the paint dried we started work on putting the frame together (with a little help from our other daughter Olivia), which took no time at all

With the frame built we moved on to next step, adding supports for the runner beans to climb up. The instructions suggested using bamboo canes; I personally didn’t think these looked very good so we decided to go with twine string instead. Stringing the frame took forever due to the intricate design my husband went for (each side took over 2 hours to string up!) but looking at the finished article it was well worth the effort. If you want to make your own it would work just as well with a simple string design.

The final step was to add the metal hinge and the frame was complete.

We are so pleased with how its turned out. Hopfully in the next couple of days we can plant out the runner beans once the chance of frost has finally cleared. I will update later in the year with progress

If you fancy making your own bean frame all instructions can be found on here:


  1. Thank you for the great ideas for structure saving , I like the bike wheel for sweet peas do you have the link on how to make one please also what varitiy of peas do you use as mine dont look anything like yours.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      I don’t as of yet have a blog for the sweet pea wheel but I’ll be writing one up this year. As for the sweet pea varieties I bought them already sown as I’d left it too late to sow my own. You can buy them or sow some more yourself. Thanks

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