Strawberry Cage Revamp…

Back in 2016 we set about making a wooden strawberry cage after a family of squirrels kept stealing all our strawberries! With the help of my husband we made a pretty good cage complete with two top opening lids.

For a number of years the strawberry cage provided us with basket fulls of yummy strawberries.

The cage has since become a bit overgrown and the plants weren’t producing as many strawberries. The cage was also starting to look a little sorry for itself.

Thanks to the current Coronavirus lockdown I decided to remove all the old strawberry plants and replace them with new ones. We had a look over the cage and one of the pieces of wood had started to rot quite badly, so we replaced the rotten piece and gave all the timber a good coat of paint.

Next we drew our attention to the mesh. The original mesh was thin chicken wire, which was really rusty and had come away from the sides of the cage in places. It took a good hour to remove the old wire mesh and remove every single staple. After a quick search online we settled on a roll of galvanised heavy duty wire mesh from Wilko costing £14. The mesh was easy to fit and was complete in a couple of hours.

We are calling this cage the Mk 1.5 due to changing that wire mesh we used. If we were to make another cage later on down the line we would have stapled the wire mesh right the way across the strips of wood before adding in the centre & end supports, so we didnt have to bend the mesh around the vertical pieces of timber.

Our new strawberry plants should be with us in the next of week and hopefully we will be picking some lovely red juicy strawberries later in the summer.

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  1. This is exactly the kind of post I was hoping to find. These look perfect for the job. Great effort and well done on them looking pleasing to the eye, rather than the hideous solutions I usually see. Thank you for sharing.

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