Mud Kitchen…

Trying to look after 3 year old twin girls whilst trying to juggle a gardening hobby can be quite tough going. One evening I was browsing Pinterest whilst the girls were thankfully asleep for the night, I came across an idea for a mud kitchen. One twin in particular loves messy play and anything that involves playing with water. So a mud kitchen was a perfect addition to the garden to keep both girls busy whilst we got on with the gardening chores. I mentioned the idea to my father in law who knew of a metal kitchen sink being given away. My husband picked up two wooden pallets for £5 from the Facebook market page.

Tools and materials in hand my father in law set to work making the mud kitchen with a little help from the girls. In little to no time the girls had fantastic looking kitchen which they couldn’t wait to play with. Then my father in law went one step further and added running water! He used an old water butt and some garden hose pipe to connect the water butt to the cold water tap on the sink and hey presto – running water!

I picked up some cheap kitchen utensils and pots and pans from Poundland, then raided the kitchen for anything we no longer used. I also added a couple of sponges, washing up liquid and hand wash to give it a real kitchen feel.

A few days later on a sunny bank holiday weekend in August we had a garden party with several friends and their children. The mud kitchen was such a hit we had to fill the water butt up several time during the day.

Hopefully this new garden addition will keep the girls busy for many years to come. It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of old pallets and a sink!

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  1. An amazing kitchen, in a wonderful garden. I bet it is really coming to life now the weather is warming up. Missing our back garden – A LOT!!!
    Hope you guys are all ok. Big hug to the girls. xxx
    Belinda and the gang. xxxx

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