Sowing a new lawn from seed…

Last summer (summer of 2018) we decided to rip up the old lawn that was full of moss and thatch and weeds and sow a brand new lawn from grass seed.

The old lawn covererd quite a large area (around 140m²) so we hired a turf cutter to get it up. We also took up a path to extend the lawn further onto an unused area of the garden, to make the total area for the new lawn around 210m²

After getting up all the turf, we then hired a rotavator to loosen all the existing soil

In order to get a consistant flat surface, we attached some rope to a heavy plank of wood and dragged this back and forth in alternating directions over the soil until it was completely flat.

Once the area was flat, we added 30 tonnes of fresh topsoil to give a good depth of 10-15cm for the new grass seed to establish strong roots. The below photo shows the first 10 tonnes being added…

We raked out each of the piles of soil and went back over the area with the plank to even it out and create a flat surface after adding each 10 tonne load.

When the area was finally ready,  we put down some growmore fertiliser using a spreadser before adding the seed a couple of days later using the spreader, then spinkled a light layer of topsoil on the surface.

We positioned two sprinklers to ensure the whole area was watered twice a day for the first week or so, then once a day after that, in the event that we did not get any rain. We also hung some foil trays on string across the lawn area to help deter pigeons from stealing the seed.

The photo below shows the growth just 16 days after sowing the seed

The below photo shows the lawn after it’s first cut, just 20 days after sowing the seed!

The general advice online is to wait 8 weeks until the grass reaches 3 to 3.5 inches before cutting for the first time, however it was already up to 4-5 inches in under 3 weeks, so we thought it better not to wait any longer!

The grass seed we used is called ‘Superstar Back Lawn’ from The Grass People. I researched a lot before purchasing and found it to give the most hard-wearing, lush and green lawn. You can buy it direct from Amazon (…). I purchased the 20kg bag to do around 210m², as I sowed it at 70g per M2 rather than the recommended 50 per M2, which helped to produce a thicker lawn quicker. Sowing a bit extra also helped to offset any seed lost to hungry pigeons!

It was a long gruelling job but the end result was definately worth the effort.