The Royal Arch…

After seeing Lavender & Leeks’ Willow arch, I wanted one! I searched locally for a Willow farm but couldn’t find any in the area. I was a little concerned how long a willow arch would last and I wanted something, which got me looking for alternative. I found another gardener in America who had made an arch from cattle panels. I wasn’t able to find any in the UK, so I started looking for heavy duty wire mesh and found a local company selling just what I was looking for!

The roll was 12.5 metres, meaning we could make two arches. We used 4 x 7FT wooden posts to attach the mesh to. We purchased a Post Hole Digger to make light work of making the holes in the soil. The posts were concreted into the ground on Good Friday and left to set for two days. The posts were pressure treated, but we gave them another coat of preservative as we could only get hold of 8ft posts and had to had to cut them down.

Arch first stage.

Attaching the mesh wasn’t so straight forward. The centre of arch didn’t quite have enough rigidity to maintain a perfect arch, so we bought two 3m lengths of aluminium to attach to the front and back of the wire to give it the much needed support.

Arch Dad

The arch looks fantastic, it’s better than I was ever hoping! It measures 4ft wide, 6ft across and is around 7.5ft tall.

IMG_1009 - Copy

I can’t wait to start growing flowers and vegetables. I’m planning on growing Sweet Peas, Munchkin Pumpkins, Runner Beans and possibly Melons and Butternut Squash if they will grow vertically. I’ve also sown four sunflower seeds, as a fellow instagrammer suggested they would look fantastic at the front of the arch.


I now declare the Royal Arch Open!

I was thinking about having charity garden coffee morning in the summer if we get the garden looking in a decent shape.


  1. Absolutely love this idea. It looks so smart. Would love to have something like this. Husband is not much of a diyer but definitely needs a new hobby. Looking forward to seeing it covered. X

  2. Hi Natalie,

    Superb article ( & garden ), thx for taking the trouble to write & post it.

    Can your remember the gauge & specifications of the wire that you bought as I have been looking to do the same but due to the current lockdown wouldn’t be able to get out & about to view and select suitable products locally.

    Thx again and keep safe.

    1. Hi Tony.
      Just had a look online where we bought the mesh from and its considerably gone up in price since we bought it. Its a local company to us here is the link to the product –

      If I was going to make the arch again I could probably go for the extra heavy here –

      I don’t know where you are located but I do actually have some of the original roll left. We were going to make another arch but changes our minds. If you were local (stoke on trent area) I might be willing to sell what’s left. As I says its enough to make an arch the same size as the one we made.

  3. Hi Natalie,

    I love the Royal arch idea, I just wondered what you have growing up it? That’s given me an idea for closing off an area of my garden and creating this as a great entrance

    1. Hey Rob. We mostly grow sweet peas on the arch you but could pretty much grow any climbing flowers or veg such as cucumbers, baby pumpkins.

    1. Hi Lizzie,

      I’m not at home right now so I can’t double check but I think we drilled a couple of holes into the strip then screwed it on the wood.

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